Brother's Keeper 7.5 information

Order BK 7.5 from the secure online store:

As a registered user of Brotherís Keeper you may order version 7.5 for $24US (for the CD and printed manual) or $19US (for the CD only.)
(Add $6 for foreign postage, and add $4 if you want a USB disc instead of CD.)
Version 7.5 works with Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, and 10

Here are some new features in version 7.5

A new View option: Five Generation View/Browse (see sample below.)
Option to make a Table of Contents for the Ahnentafel Book.
Option to send the Indented Book Report to a HTML file.
New List report to find everyone attached to one specific location.
Option for Location Notes to print on Register Book, Indented Book, Ahnentafel Book reports.
New button on the Children tab, and Siblings tab, to 'show all children from all marriages of both parents.'
Ancestor Chart can print '4 generations with pictures' and 'Inverted Pyramid 4 generations with pictures.'
New option on Descendant Tree chart for Male only or Female only.
New option to show Notes on the Select Person screen.
Plus several small fixes for some of the charts and reports.

Below is a sample of the Five Generation View/Browse (pick it from the View menu on the Edit screen.)

Five Generation View/Browse

If you never upgraded to BK 7.4 these will also be new for you.

New report: Descendant Box Chart - Household has children listed inside the box (see sample below)
New report: Ancestor Implex / Pedigree Collapse show number of possible ancestors and what you have so far.
New Games: Surname Scramble, and Surname Word Search (see sample below.) Fun for reunions.
Option on Select Person screen when searching for a woman, to search last names of husbands.
Option on Book reports to print Flag information (if you have attached flags to people.)
The buttons on Edit to move forward or backwards will remember the numbers from your previous sessions.
New field on Custom Lists, "age of spouse when married" (field 50)
New menu items on Custom Lists to move a row up or down, or delete or insert a row.
Plus several small fixes for some of the charts and reports.

Below is a sample of the Descendant Box Chart - Household which is similar to the regular Box chart, but it has all of the children listed in each household before it shows them in their own separate box.

Box Chart - Household

Below is a sample of the Surname Word Search Game. You have have up to 45 names on a 18 by 18 puzzle.

Surname Word Search Game

If you never upgraded to BK 7.3 these will also be new for you.

There is a MAP button to show a location on a Google map. (Double click the location name.)
New chart: Descendant Spiral Timeline Chart
New report: Lists, Birth Order Report - oldest to youngest
Option for Word Search to show matching names in Birth order.
New button on Edit screen to search the FindAGrave web site for a person.
New chart: Ancestor Bow Tie Chart to show ancestors going both left and right. (see sample below.)
New report: Ancestor Four Lineages. It prints a page for each of the four grandparents.
Option on Edit screen to show L column with L if the location has extra details available.
Option for Timeline (Individual) to include extra world events that you can pick.
When adding a Witness to an event, you can pick several descriptions such as godfather, or best man.
The Book reports have an option to print all names in SMALLCAPS

The CD or USB also contains three new instructional videos about how to use Word Seach, Flags, and FindAGrave.

This new Ancestor Bow Tie Chart shows the Father's ancestors to the left and the Mother's ancestors to the right.

Ancestor Bow Tie Chart (click chart to enlarge)

You may order the new version now for $24 from the secure online store:

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